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An infrastructure to charge EV is shaping up

In 2013 “range anxiety”(the fear that EV will run out of juice before it reaches a recharging station to charge EV) became a dictionary word. An average electric vehicle, like the the world’s best-selling Nissan LEAF, could only travel only 90 miles between charges under the best driving conditions. By comparison a gas car with a full tank will go 300-500 miles between refills. An EV driver has to find a public charger to charge, an elusive proposition back in 2013, or to charge EV at home more than once to reach the same distance. Nowadays, although EVs made tremendous advance, range anxiety has not disappeared completely and there is relief in sight…
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Fisker Battery Promises To Charge EV  in 1-Minute for 500

Mile EV Range

Fisker Solid State Battery

The No. 1 choice for rechargeable batteries, Lithium-ion continues to power gadgets, laptops iand the electric vehicles. But we need new nano safe battery technology that offers much higher energy density. Fisker may have found the answer.

Fisker greatest achievement so far has been back in 2012 with the production of the Fisker Karma luxury EV sports sedan and more recently the announcement of the EMotion. According to report from Green Car Congress, the automaker just filed a patent for a novel solid-state battery with expectations of over 500 miles range on a single charge. To top this highly extraordinary feat , It will only take a minute to charge EV.

Fisker’s new battery make use of three-dimensional electrodes capable of  holding 2.5 time the energy density of standard lithium-ion batteries existing on the market today.That is quite impressive if it can become a reality.

But Fisker’s battery will not appear anytime soon on the market. However patent is already filed and Fisker is now in serious negotiations  with both  EV OEMs and non-automotive companies about potential affiliations and partnerships. The Commercial application isn’t expected until 2023. Regardless of the seemingly long wait time, one-minute to charge EV in five years sounds pretty awesome.


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